Friday, November 28, 2008

Stand By Me

If there's one woman whom I have a high respect for, it would definitely be my Mother. Not only because I owe her my life, but because I have seen in her the right combination of heart and mind during the most critical moments in our family life. She's able to balance (or should I say juggle) the tasks of being an articulate office worker, a supportive wife, and the most challenging task - an understanding and loving mother to two unique and "pasaway" kids. My Mom is not perfect. In the past there were times wherein we usually fight over small things like her being overprotective and her long sermons. Now that Iam a Mother also, I can now see and understand where my Mom is coming from. It is only now that I realize that for a woman to fully understand her own Mother, she should experience motherhood herself. I am thankful that I have realized this while my Mother is still around. I know I have a lot of catching up to do to show her how much I love and appreciate all her efforts. For this reason, I always pray to God that He blesses my Mom with more years, not only because we still need her, but for me to show her how much I love and appreciate her.

Top picture was taken at the airport on our way to Bohol. The second picture (i.e. the one with 2 pairs of slippers) was taken on the beach of Bohol Beach Club. The gold-and-white slippers belong to my Mom, while the blue-and-white belongs to me.

Credits for this layout : Kit Precious One from Malily at


gwacie said...

This is such a girly layout and a wonderful tribute to your mama! I like that photo of your slippers. Who'd have thought of that? :)

G said...

ako rin, like ko rin yung slippers..nice LO sis!