Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wild Child

Today wasn't really a nice day. I had to render overtime work from morning till about 1:30PM to work on some problem tickets, since I will be on-leave next week. Oh well! I had to remind myself that my sacrifice today will prove to be useful in the next 2 weeks. ;-) I just look forward to next week - I'll FINALLY have that much-awaited and much-needed vacation and time-off from the work stress. Whooohoo!! :-D

As soon as I got home, I kept on thinking what could be a good way to unwind from work today? Hmm... Of course! How could I forget digiscrapping! So I started to check out the digiscrap kits on my PC as well as the pics as that I have in my pile of backup CDs. I can't decide on the pics. And the task of choosing becomes more complicated if you have a 2-yr old Zion trying to push you and takeover the PC. So since Zion was bugging me all the time with his crazy antics while I was busy viewing the kits and pics, I decided to choose some of his wackiest and wildest shots, some of which were taken when he was barely a year old! So I hope you enjoy this layout, as well as Zion's pics. I tell you, if you find him "makulit" in his pics, be prepared to meet him personally. It's twice the fun and twice the laughter! :-D
Credits for this layout: Wild Child Paisley Kit at


FickleMinded said...

sis,cute naman ng daughter mo.

<~~~ CheWicK ~~~> said...

thanks sa feedback sis! =) son po yang baby ko... hehehe.. looong hair lang sya nung baby sya kaya nagmukhang daughter. 1 year old na kasi sya nung pinagupitan ko. =)