Sunday, November 9, 2008

We Are A Team

I am enjoying the weekend. After going out with my family and meeting up with some new friends, I usually spend the late evenings surfing the net (downloading digiscrapping kits), visiting GT forums, and my favorite hobby digiscrapping.

I just can't get enough of the Crop Designs Kit. Perhaps it's because of the elements that are in it that are very unique (not your usual ribbons and buttons elements) and very Pinoy in nature, plus the fact the knowing that the proceeds for the kit would really benefit some needy Filipino kids. Add to this is another fact that the collab kit was created by an all-Filipina team. Talk about team spirit and girl power! =) Speaking of team spirit, this is the picture that I chose for my layout. This picture was taken in front of one of the Nipa Huts in Clark Expo Zone in Pampanga. People in the pic is my Mom and her officemates. Actually my family were only "hitchhikers" during that trip. It was really supposed to be a sort of "teambuilding" activity for my Mom and her officemates. I must say that these bunch of people are really exemplifying the meaning of team spirit. I've seen them work and play just like a family, not really nice and perfect (no one's perfect anyway!), but cohesive enough to understand each other strengths and weaknesses . My Mom is surely lucky to be part of this team. =)

Credits for this layout: Crop Dreams Kit at

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FickleMinded said...

cute naman ng pagkapink.:)
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