Monday, November 3, 2008

I Love Gifts

No layouts were created during this past weekend. I had to help my Mom in the preparations for All Souls' Day. Unfortunately, the weekend was so tiring I had to take a leave from work today to rest. I was having an upset stomach and a nasty headache since yesterday. To keep me busy today, I went through some of the photos I have here in the computer to see if I can create any layouts.

Here's the product of my sick leave today. The picture in this layout was taken the morning after Zion's 2nd birthday party. We were not able to open all his gifts on the night of his birthday because we were all dead tired (even Zion was "plakda" - super dead tired in Filipino - that he didn't even care to touch his presents on the night of his birthday party). So instead of forcing him to open his presents while being grouchy, we just opted to do it in the morning - at least he looks fresh and relaxed (and we won't be victimized by his "sumpong" - grouchiness). It's a good thing we did the opening of gifts in the morning, he had all day to play with his presents, tearing the boxes and giftwrappers.

Credits for this layout: Bedtime Doodlebugs Kit from

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