Monday, December 1, 2008

Best Buddies

There's one pair of sparring partners here at home that we consider "untouchable" - my Dad and Zion. When Zion is alone he is definitely very vulnerable to my and my brother's "bullying". Bullying here is not to be taken on a bad note. Zion can just easily be made to cry and easily give up the control of sofa and most importantly, the television. During these "bullying" moments, Zion has one savior to look up to - my Dad. I cannot blame my Dad. Zion can be considered my Dad's xerox copy. We often joked that if my Dad was Dr. Evil (from the movie Austin Powers), Zion would definitely be his Mini-Me. Zion's complete name which comprises 3 separate names (it's quite long so I won't mention it anymore!) includes my Dad's real name (this was a very serious request from my Dad, that we almost argued about it when I was filling-up Zion's birth certificate). Zion's tantrums and mood swings are like my Dad's (this is confirmed by my very own Mother... hehehe..). And during family outings, Zion would definitely look for my Dad. On his part, my Dad has one BIG picture frame in his office that is ALMOST SOLELY devoted to Zion's pics. The family picture where he (my Dad), Mama, my brother, and I are together occupies a typical 3 x 5 frame, but for Zion, a book-style (i.e. 2 frames joined at the middle) 6 x 10 (i.e. 10 inches per "page") frame houses 4 3R pictures of Zion. Talk about a Grandfather's love for his beloved apo.

For this layout, I chose pictures of my Dad and Zion together. The first one was taken in front of one the big aquariums at the Manila Ocean Park. It appears that my Dad is showing Zion how fishes and underwater life looks like. The second picture was taken in one of those bonding moments between the "mag-lolo" here at home.

Credits for this layout : Grandparents' Day Collection kit from

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FickleMinded said...

there's always something abt the lolo and a boy apo that's really amazing!!