Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pare Ko

Next to my Dad, Zion has another buddy here at home - my brother Philip. Philip is one of Zion's godfathers during the latter's baptism. And since most of us are already adults here at home, the closest "kid" or "playmate" Zion has here at home is my brother (who's only 16 years). Somehow, despite the age difference, both enjoy similar things - eating sweets, watching Disney channel (and even Nick Jr) together, and lastly, pulling off tricks and jokes to everyone here at home. I must also admit that if there's one person whom Zion is really afraid of, it will be Philip. It's not that my brother hits or spanks Zion. In fact, I can barely remember the last time Philip had reprimanded my son. Zion has that certain respect (and fear?) for Philip that even the simplest "sutsot" from my brother would send Zion running. But after the "sutsot" and "Zion behave!" command from my brother, it's back to playtime for both of them, as if nothing happened. =)

The 3 pictures were taken at different times. The 1st picture and 3rd pictures were taken during a trip to Baguio last 2007. The 3rd picture was taken in front of a military tank in Philippine Military Academy (PMA). The 2nd picture was taken before Zion was one year old.

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