Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Mother Understands

I guess any mother can agree with me that raising a child is not an easy task. From the womb until the baby sees its first sight of light, mom is there for him. And it doesn't end there. In fact it's only the beginning to a tiring yet very rewarding journey called motherhood. It is no wonder that due to this bond, most of the time, it is also the mother that best understands the child's temper, mood swings, tantrums, or whatever makes the child smile or cry. Zion and I don't really have a perfect mother-son relationship. In fact, I have to admit, that due to his stubborness and being naughty, there are those moments wherein I just want to hogtie Zion's hands and feet and cover his mouth with duct tape. Of course, my mother's instinct always gets the best of me, and I end up letting him be (unless of course he's already hurting himself or someone else). There are those moments wherein Zion cries (or should I say howl) and even his Nanny can't pacify him. And by chance, a simple hug, kiss or a chocolate bribe from me will do the trick. Somehow, despite of my busy work schedule, and despite of the small fights we have, Zion and I have developed that certain bond that only the two of us can understand.

Picture used for this layout was again taken from Zion's 2nd birthday. In this picture, Zion is obviously not in his element. If I remembered it correctly, he wants to play with the mascot, but we had to stop him from doing so, because some of my friends wanted to take pictures of him. Well, after the pictorial, he was still able to play and dance with the mascots. =)

Credits for this layout: Tendrement Kit from; Wordart from Motherhood quotes at


G said...

i like the kit you used, ang ganda ng colors, i like the pink frame...nice LO sis!

gwacie said...

"...there are those moments wherein I just want to hogtie Zion's hands and feet and cover his mouth with duct tape." LOL! Of course I know you won't do this sis, but imagining it was so funny. :)

Nice blending of the photos into the purple background. :)