Saturday, January 24, 2009

What Matters Most

I stayed at home the whole day. I was not feeling well since yesterday, and today was just a little bit better. To keep myself busy, I tried to watch over Zion while his Nanny was busy with the other household chores. Time passes so fast. It was only now that I noticed that Zion can identify objects that are drawn on his flash cards. He can now differentiate the sun from the moon and stars. He now knows how a cup differs from a bowl. He even knows who are the main characters in his favorite cartoon shows on television! And each time I look at my son, the realization that we (my son and I) have survived a lot for almost 3 years, makes me thankful that God is still working His way in our lives. And after seeing how my son is grow and develop, I can truly say what (who) is the most important thing in my life.

For this layout, I chose two (2) pictures that were taken from Zion's 2nd birthday. My friends were experimenting with their cameras and they were just lucky that Zion was cooperative that time - he smiled in almost all the pictures that were taken using my friends' cameras. And even if I'm quite camera-shy *blush*, I had no choice but to be included in the pics, since Zion wants to be carried throughout his pictorials. =)

Credits for this layout: Wordart from; Papers and Elements from Endless Kit by Armina Designs available at SunshineStudioScraps and at


jen said...

naku sis, sorry I think I click post comment too much on your other post. =(

Anyway, I want to say is that one day Zion will be able to see all these amazing layouts you made. He will appreciate the effort you made for saving these childhood memories that he might no longer remember.

G said...

ang ganda nito sis..ako rin sobrang amazed din with my kid when he turned 2, nakakatuwa progress at other devts..our son really is the most imprtant thing next to our hubby heheheh...second class citizen lang sila ;)