Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Question of Faith

If there is one lesson that I've learned from all my experiences (both good and bad) in life, it would definitely be having faith - faith in people close to me, faith in myself, but most especially, faith in one Supreme Being - who we call God in my faith. Personally, I think faith allows one to believe and hope that all our troubles will end, that the good things will always outweigh the bad, and that the sun will always shine after the rain.

Pictures were taken from the Baclayon Church (a Roman Catholic church) in Bohol and the Temple of the Golden Buddha in Bangkok. It is said that Bohol is one of the provinces in the Philippines having a large number of Roman Catholic devotees. While Buddhism is the predominant religion in Bangkok, Thailand.

Credits for this layout: Launching Day Kit from; July08 Free Kit from Jeanelle Paige Designs available at; New Dreams Kit by Carla Holf at; Endless Ephemera from

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