Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Birthday Layout for Dad

March is a special month for my family. Aside from my parents' wedding anniversary, my Dad's birthday also falls in March. This March, my Dad will be celebrating his 58th birthday. Aside from being a responsible and supportive father, I admire my Dad's coolness in times of adversity. Most of the time, my Dad becomes my shock absorber everytime I get pissed with my work. Despite of my yakking and ranting, he still manages to keep his cool and give me sound advice on how to go about work and how to deal with seemingly unbearable people. He is also level-headed, for this reason he knows when to tell me that I am wrong, and when I am already being wrongly treated.

Journalling: "A Father is neither an anchor to hold us back, Nor a sail to get us there, But a guiding light whose LOVE shows us the right way..."

Credits for this layout: Monkey Business Kit from Mandy Mystiques.

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