Friday, March 27, 2009

We Love Ice Cream

If there's one more thing about March that I like (aside from my parent's wedding anniversary and my dad's birthday), it would definitely be the start of the summer season. Summer means more outings and more out-of-town trips with my family and friends. And of course, what would summer be without the yummy ice-cold beverages like ice cream! If there's one bonding activity that my family enjoys doing, it would be eating ice cream together. Each one of us may have our own favorite flavors, but all of us definitely enjoys ice cream.

Picture used in this layout was taken during our trip to Subic last month. We heard Mass that Sunday and after the mass we had our bonding moment by eating ice cream. Unfortunately, I am not in the picture, because as always, I'm the family's official photographer.

Credits for this layout: Happy Go Lucky Kit, Express Yourself Kit, Festival Collection Kit, and Harvest Spice Kit - all from

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gwacie said...

Oh yummy! Looks like you're all having fun with the ice cream, and now I'm craving some too!