Saturday, June 20, 2009

Of Siblings and Simple Joys

If I will be asked what are those moments that make me truly happy, I believe these are the simple things - some of which are a hug and kiss from son, losing a few pounds, long weekends, and the bonding moments between me and my brother Philip. Despite the 14-years gap (yup.. I'm 31 and my brother is turning 17 this August), everytime my brother and I get together, there will surely be no dull moments. Our pictures together can be considered full of fun and laughter.

Take the case of the pictures I used in this layout. These are some of the wacky pictures that were taken in HK Disney and the Wax Museum (also in HK). We don't actually talk about how should we pose, but when the two of us get in front of the camera, somehow, we know how to make those shots less boring and not the usual "smiling" shots.

Credits for this layout: Love All Year Long Kit from JadyDayStudio available at; WordArt from WordArts Crazy Circus by Pouyou designs available at

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gwacie said...

This is such a happy layout sis! Bold choice of color, and the pictures look so fun. Nice work!