Sunday, June 28, 2009

Take Time to Explore

It was the last week of June 2008 when I first started to create digiscrap layouts. I thought it was just a "ningas-kugon" thing (i.e "ningas-kugon" in my native language means something that one is only interested in doing at the start, but later on one will lose interest in that thing). As the months passed by, I noticed that my interest in digiscrapping increased. It was no longer a task I did to "document" my son's growth milestones. But instead, my layouts already featured family members and friends, places I've been to, as well as funny and serious moments. I also remembered starting with Scrapbookflair in creating my layouts, until I finally leaped to Adobe Photoshop CS3. Digiscrapping became the outlet to unleash those creative juices that were suppressed when I entered my logic-filled job. It became my respite from my stressful Monday to Friday sched. I would like to thank my friends and sisses in Girltalk for inspiring me to start and continue pursuing this interest.

For this layout, I feature my brother walking on the shores of Bohol beach. He doesn't know that I was walking behind him while he was trying to look around the beach. In this aspect, I think my brother and I are the same - we are interested in exploring new things. And I guess this desire to explore is one of the things that helped me start and continue with my digiscrapping.

Journalling: Take time to explore the untravelled paths and secret gardens of the sweet life.

Credits for this layout: Gentle Spring Kit from Un-Leashed-Scraps available from WordArt from

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gwacie said...

That's a nice candid shot of your brother, sis! And that WA has just the appropriate quote.