Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Calaruega Getaway

When I was a kid, I usually associate the month of June with two things: start of classes and the end of summer (which also means it's the start of the wet and rainy season). I'm not really sure if I ever liked this month because of these two reasons. Hehehe.. But time flies, and when I started working, my dislike for June was lessened by the fact that no more long summer vacation for working people. When I started working, my summer fun consists of the simple joys I have from spending weekends (and long weekends) with my family and my close friends.

To reminisce one of the summer activities I had this year, I chose to create a layout featuring me and my friends/officemates' trip to Batangas last April. Before heading off to the resort where we were supposed to go, we chose to pass by the church located at the hilltop area of Calaruega (also in Batangas). It's a serene yet breathtaking place where one can find peace and tranquility. And since it's my first time to visit the church and the place, I made three wishes. :-) We had a great time taking pictures in the said place because the scenic view matched the comfort and trust level we had since we're all friends.

Credits for this layout: Eight Days A Week Kit by Madame Wing available at; Blooming Friendship Kit from JadyDay Studio designs.

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