Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Greatest Joy

Last July 4, 2009, my friend/officemate Glenda tied the knot with her long-time fiance' Bong at the Malate Church in Manila. Zion was lucky enough to be part of her great entourage and was assigned the role of the arrhae or coin bearer. It was Zion's 2nd time to be an arrhae bearer. His first stint as an arrhae bearer was quite a "crying experience" - he was so surprised (or should I say shocked) with all the camera flashes that he cried all the way to the altar. To avoid this "crying scene" this time, I had to do a pep-talk with him, threaten him that Father (the priest) will take him away from Mommy, and bribe him with all sorts of stuff - from toy snakes, ice cream, to Nick Jr. tv sessions. Thank God all the prodding worked! He was able to make it to the front row without a single tear in his eyes. On the contrary he was smiling and giggling while he was walking.

The picture I used in this layout was the photo taken by a photographer prior to the start of the march. Since I was so busy convincing Zion to walk without crying, I wasn't able to take pictures of him when we got in the church, just before the wedding. I had to contend myself with the photo I bought from that photographer.

Credits for this layout: Yuyu Memories Kit by Armina Designs, Serendipity Kit by MandyMystiques Design; Love WordArt by Thaty Borges Designs.

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gwacie said...

I like this one sis! This is a bit more formal than your other layouts (appropriate for your little man in a suit) and the bold silver, red and black color scheme prevent it from looking girly in spite of all the flowers. Great job.