Saturday, July 25, 2009

Al's Best Friends

Now this is just a simple layout. I just found the pictures so funny, I had to create a layout for it - even without my cousin's Al knowledge and consent (hehehe..). Anyway, featured in this layout is my cousin AL closely hugging their 3 puppies. On the 2nd picture, the other puppies are shown. My cousin's family have a lot of pet dogs in their home. I even got the chance to play with one of these puppies. But I can now say, behind my cousin's tough exterior lies that soft side which has a special affection for his pet puppies.. :-)

Journalling: Embrace happiness.

Credits for this layout: New Dream Kit by Carla Holf Designs; Shower of Flowers Kit by Bonscrapatit Designs; Why Don't We Kit by; Monkey Business Kit by Mandy Mystiques Designs; WordArt by Crazy Circus WordArts by MissK POUYOU Designs.


gwacie said...

aww.... so cute sis! i want, i want!!!

baterya said...

wow blogger o... weee... musta suplada... may balita ka ba ka bhang