Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

I would like to thank sis Gwacie (from GT) for this award:

Here are the rules of this award
1. Put the award on your blog

2. Include a link of the person who gave you the award

3. Nominate 7 or more blogs

4. Leave a message in their blog letting them that they have award from you

I am sending this award to the following:

GMemoirs - sis G is a fellow digiscrapper from GT. miss her a lot in our digiscrapping thread in GT.

Snwqueen - another sis from GT who loves koreanovelas. very informative blog especially on how to earn from blogging.

It's Me Tey - another sis from GT. it's fun reading her blog. adventures of a proud Pinay living in Canada.

VivaPinay - another proud Pinay and another sis from GT. her blog is very informative most especially her recent post on the various Modus Operandi by crooks in the Metro.

AuntieDoc - another informative blog. i learn a lot of medical stuff (plus a few recipes!) from her blog posts.

Lovingsue - another sis from GT. and another digiscrapping "guru". together with sis Gwacie, they share their digiscrapping tips at the forum.

UtotMoPink - another sis from GT. her "pink" blog is full of recipes that I sometimes wish I could cook (yes.. I admit I'm totally useless in the kitchen..hehehe..).


About Pink said...

cool award sis.. thanks sa comment about me.. hehe.. be posting it but as of this time, i'll save it in my drafts muna huh..^^

G said...

Super Thanks sis for this lovely award. Appreciate it very much! It's really been soooo long, never had the time to visit GT and participate as well..really miss all you guys there! Love your LOs sis! Grabe, ang dami na and it's growing pa! XOXO to Zion!