Sunday, July 5, 2009

Best Friends

If there's one person who knows me well (aside from my family), that would definitely be my best friend Weng. I have known Weng since we were in first grade. We spent our elementary and high school years in the same school. When we were still studying, she was my personal tutor in Math and Physics (she knows how I loathed those subjects). And despite her quiet nature (quiet daw oh!! hehehe...), she's a very sociable person having a lot of extra-curricular activities during those days - a choir member, parish coordinator, and a student librarian - balancing all these with her being a student, a sister, and daughter. As time passed by and we finished schooling, the friendship grew and matured. From being my personal tutor back in school, she became my confidante and adviser. She's always willing to listen to me, and share her two cents on things, but allowing me to make the final decisions. And that's one thing that I like about her... even if we don't always meet eye to eye on certain things, and even if I don't follow her advice, she's always there. "Suportahan ta ka" was our motto, as friends. Currently, my best friend Weng is now happily married and is working in Dubai. I forgot to mention that she is one of Zion's godmothers (ninang). And even though we are far apart, the communication is still very much alive. We keep in touch via email, YM, and even via SMS.

I dedicate this layout to my best friend Weng. She will be celebrating her birthday on the 12th of July. Through this layout, I want her to know how much I treasure her friendship, how much I love her like a sister, and how much I miss her. Advance Happy Birthday bespren!! :-)

Journalling: What is a friend? A single SOUL dwelling in two bodies - Aristotle.

Credits for this layout: Tout Simplement Kit by Elodie Designs, available at; WordArt from Sister WordArt collections from

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Weng Marbella said...

Bespren... I'm so touched with your message. Thank you also for the time we spent together... for listening to my problems and heart aches... for believing in me and most of all for being my partner in crime.

Remember that I will always be here for you and for Zeegy. Though we are thousand of miles apart you can still count on me... Like what I've said before I'm just a phone call and text away.

I love you bespren and I miss you so much...

God bless...

P.S. I was surprised to see this picture. Can I have a copy?

- Weng