Saturday, September 5, 2009

September Calendar Layout

September is one of the months in the year wherein there are no birthdays or anniversaries being celebrated in my family. It's sort of a rest month after 2 birthdays being celebrated last August, and in preparation of the upcoming birthdays of my cousin and grandmother in October. Since there are no celebrants in my family for September, and it's unfortunate that I don't have a picture of one of my "kumares" who will be celebrating her birthday come Sept. 12 (advance happy birthday Candz!), I just created a simple layout for my calendar this September. My calendar layout this month featured my mom with a bunch of flowers as her background. She loves flowers sooo much that she would love to take pictures having these as her background.

Credits for this layout: Oopsie Daisies Kit from BonScrapatit Designs. MissMint 2009 Calendars from Peppermint Creative.

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