Monday, September 21, 2009

Angel Eyes

Since Zion was a little baby, the first thing people notice about him is his eyes and his long and curly eyelashes. This long and curly eyelashes highlighted his Garfield-eyes even more. An aunt even asked me if I trimmed Zion's eyelashes when he was born. There is that belief that trimming an infant's eyelashes would allow it to grow longer and make it curlier. Since my baby was a boy, I didn't find any need to trim his eyelashes (he won't need it for maskara and/or curlash in the future, anyway). Somehow, his eyelashes just became long and natural without any human intervention. It was just natural. Well.. most friends and relatives had said that Zion might have inherited the shape of his eyes and his long eyelashes from me, his mother. Though I must admit, my eyelashes are not as curly as Zion's. And if I had to remember the eyelash length of Zion's dad, it would definitely be a far-cry from Zion's (in Filipino: ni wala sa kalingkingan ng mata at pilik-mata ni Zion.. tee hee!!). My son's eyes are so expressive that Zion need not say anything at times, to let me know how he feels. His eyes could tell me how happy or sad he is. Also, during those moments wherein I feel sad and frustrated about work or my personal life, I try look at those pair of eyes. Somehow, those pair of eyes also give me the strength to go on with life.

Journalling: I love your Angel eyes.

Credits for this layout: Meliage Kit by Petit Moineaux; Angels WordArt from Designs by Helly

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G said...

This is a WOW LO...ganda ng colors and elements...ill check the kit ,hope i can grab din hehehe

nakakamiss ung baby pa anak natin no? at least we have digiscrapping para mabalikan mga pics nila =)

happy scrapping!