Monday, September 7, 2009

This is My Moment

If there is one thing I regret wass not being able to attend Zion's first "graduation" or moving-up activity from his first Toddlers Playschool class last March 2009. I wasn't able to attend it because it coincided with my vacation together with my Mom and brother. His Ninang (my cousin) took my place during the graduation and awarding ceremonies. Well, Zion did not actually "graduate" because he is still in Toddlers class today (Important NOTE: I enrolled him in his first Toddlers class at the middle of December 2008 to prepare him for the actual class in June 2009) but seeing him on the pictures receiving his Humble Pie Award made me quite teary-eyed (even if it was not really a "formal" award since he only joined the class for half a year). Oh well! I'll try to make it up this year. This year he would "formally graduate" or "move up" from Toddlers Playschool to Nursery. I hope that he would receive another award this year. And I hope to be there to hand him his award. :-)

Journalling: I am Zion. Today, I graduated from Toddlers Playschool. Today I received the Humble Pie Award. This will make my Ninang and everyone who loves me very proud. This is MY MOMENT.

Credits for this layout: Softly Blooms Kit from Heavenly Designz. WordArt stamps from Sueli Colbert Designs. Photomask Pack3 from Bouille.

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