Saturday, September 26, 2009

Three Peas In A Pod

My mother once told me that a fortune-teller had predicted that she would have 3 children. Well.. biologically speaking, the fortune-teller was wrong, because my mother has only 2 biological children - my brother and I. But looking at my family from a "non-biological perspective", the fortune-teller was correct. My cousin Josie who has stayed with us for the past 12 years, can be considered as my mother's 3rd child. She has stayed with us to help in taking care of my brother when the latter was just about 5 or 6 years old (my brother is now 17). Eversince, my mother has always considered my cousin as her 3rd child. Together, my cousin, my brother, and I can be considered as the "Tatlong Itlog" here at home. During long travels (such as our trip to Baguio, in the picture in this layout), we usually enjoy taking funny picture shots, just like any other siblings would.

Journalling: Three peas in a Pod.

Credits for this layout: Crazy Earth Mega Collab Kit available at Digiscrapdepot;
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