Thursday, August 20, 2009

Remembering HappyTeamLaklak

If there was one set of friends I will always remember, aside from my high school buddies (who are like sisters to me), it would be my first officemates at BPI. We were like in college during training, and adjusting to the real corporate world became easier with them by my side. One memorable experience I had with my very first officemates was our trip to Boracay last 2004. It was my first time to Boracay. And my first time in Boracay was made more memorable because I was with a bunch of people whom I was very comfortable with. I remembered how we saved for that Bora trip (we initially planned for Hongkong but due to booking problems, we ended up in Boracay.. hehehe..). I remember our One-two-three-pass games while gulping fruit shakes at Jonah's, our banana boat ride, our snorkelling (mis)adventures. I will always remember and cherish our gimmick-till-we-drop-nights at Bora while dancing to Squareheads' Happy - which gave birth to our group's name HappyTeamLaklak. And best of all, I will definitely remember (and miss) the sincere friendship and memories I've made with my first officemates. *sigh*

Credits for this layout: Our Friendship Kit from Jaelop designs available at Scrapbookflair.

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