Monday, August 10, 2009

Tahitian Goddess

I was going through the pics here in my laptop, trying to create some backups of the files, when I suddenly chanced upon the pics we had during our summer getaway at Golden Sunset last April. I went through the pics and was really amused when I found Glenda's pics while she was dancing the hula/tahitian. Everytime I remember the events that led her to be on stage dancing the hula, I can't help but giggle. All of us were actually surprised that Glenda agreed to go on stage and do the hula. But I definitely would like to give a thumbs-up to my friend Glenda for being a good sport, and a graceful hula dancer.

Glenda doesn't know that I will be creating and posting this layout. Well.. being an honest friend, I will tell her eventually that I created this layout, to give tribute to her being a good sport, and for making our summer getaway much more fun.

Journalling: Dance like nobody's watching.

Credits for this layout: Hawaiian Kit from Digiscrapdepot.

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