Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zion's First Wedding

Zion had attended his first wedding as part of the wedding entourage (arrhae bearer) during his Ninong Pao's wedding last June 2009. It was quite an experience for Zion because it was his first time to walk down the aisle with about 5 to 10 cameras flashing simultaneously. He was so surprised (I guess would be a more appropriate term) with all the cameras flashing, that he stopped at the middle of the march and started to cry (howl would be better term to describe what he did). Since I was accompanying him during the march, I was so embarrassed with what happened. I had to carry him so that he could finish his walk. It was just a good thing that the couple was so understanding of Zion.

For this layout I reused a Philippines-inspired kit to match Zion's outfit in the picture (i.e. the local Barong Tagalog). The Crop Dreams Kit was a collaboration kit created by Filipina digital designers. Part of the proceeds from this kit was given to the Opportunity House which is a Pearl S. Buck foundation program which helps kids from impoverished countries like the Philippines.

Credits for this layout: Crop Dreams Kit available at mabuhayproject.blogspot.com

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