Saturday, February 13, 2010

This Moment Together

I am really happy whenever there is a chance for me and my son to have our picture taken together. This seldom happens even during family outings because I'm the family's official photographer. I take pictures of everybody, and I'm quite meticulous about the poses and the angles from where the shot is taken. Unfortunately, there is a downside to this duty. Whenever I want myself to be photographed - either solo or with my son or with the rest of the family - I have hard time giving instructions to whomever will be taking the shot. In addition, another downside would be I have less pictures than everybody else. And the "saddest" downside would be, I only have a few pictures with my own son. Zion would have more pictures taken together with his grandpa, grandma, my brother (his Ninong - godfather), and even his nanny! This is the reason why I really make it a point to ask, or should I say require, the last person with whom Zion is photographed, to take a picture of me and my son together. I make it a point to make a deal with that last person, that I would only take their picture together, if he/she, in return, would take a picture of Zion and his mom together.

Journalling: This moment together... this moment together...

Credits for this layout: Sweet Harmony Kit by Letiscrap available at Digiscrapmania Shop; Just a Moment WordArts by Choukette (http://http// available at The French Frog (


twilightgecko said...

wow this is beautiful.. i love the colour scheme.. yours posts make me really want to get into digital scrapbooking..

*** CheWicK *** said...

hi twilightgecko! thanks for the compliment! i hope i could inspire you to try digital scrapbooking. it's really a fun activity to do. it just gets addicting at times. tee hee!! :-D