Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reason for Believing

I was going through Zion's baby/infant pics, when I chanced upon those pictures that were taken immediately after he was taken out of my tummy (I gave birth via C-section). Funny as those pics may appear, it made me realize how fast time flies. The little infant before is now an active, funny, sometimes-naughty, 3 year old boy. Three years ago, I may have doubts on myself on how I would raise him, given the circumstances surrounding my pregnancy and his birth. I know it wouldn't be an easy task. But when I saw his angelic face when I first visited him in the hospital's nursery, I knew and believed God wouldn't send an angel like Zion, if He had no plans and means to help me sustain my son. As my former boss told me, "There is a reason and purpose why God sent Zion into your life. You just have to believe and have faith in whatever that reason and purpose would be.".

Journalling: Zion Enrique Gabriel * April 23, 2006 .... You're my angel... the reason I believe.

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