Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mama and Me

I don't always have a 100% perfect and smooth-sailing relationship with my Mother. In fact, when I was younger, we've had our share of arguments and fights. I was the silent rebellious type of daughter while my Mom was the perfectionist type who always wanted things to be on schedule and in order. But as I was growing up, and when I eventually became a mother myself, it was then that I understood my Mom. It was then that I realized that Mama was not an enemy, but instead, she was an ally whose heart was always with her children, despite our being little monsters and silent rebels. She had that soft spot within her, that wasn't present in my disciplinarian Dad. And for this, I am slowly looking at my Mom in a different way. I am happy that it didn't took me years to see these things. Iam thankful to God for giving me Mama. She may not be the perfect Mother, but the heck, I am not a perfect daughter, and nobody's perfect in the first place. Despite of her imperfections, I am still thankful for her for trying her best to raise me in an upright manner, and for never giving up on me, despite my imperfections.

Credits for this layout: My Mother Tagger Size Kit by Tootsie's Creationz available at Kreative Kreations Korner.

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Roland D. Yeomans said...

I was blog-surfing and found your blog. I am glad that you're enjoying your family nest days. They are over all too quickly.

Each day is a garment that becomes mists of memory that oddly will still keep you warm amidst the storms of the future -- if you but focus on the love and accept the flaws of those you love. It seems you are doing just that.

Hope you don't mind a wandering minstrel poking in his head and saying, "Hullo." If you're wondering who the heck is this guy, you can check out my own blog at