Saturday, March 27, 2010

One Lucky Baby

When Zion was around 1 year old, he has this naughty habit of biting/eating small foods from someone else's hands. I'm not sure if he does it on purpose, or he simply can't reach the table and he can't talk straight yet during that time, making communication with us grown-ups quite difficult for him.Zion's usual victim had been my Dad (his grandpa) who is usually caught off guard because he is watching tv or reading the newspaper while eating. The pictures I used in this layout were taken while Zion attempts (and successfully) grabs a piece of bread from my Dad's hand. Notice how he first eyes his "prey", afterwhich, he opens his mouth wide enough (as he attempts to scare his potential victim), and finally goes for the kill. He has done this "stint" several times, and I can say that he has always been lucky to bite off the food from my Dad's hand. :-)

Credits for this layout: Bright Springtime Kit by Alba Eire Creations available at KreativeKreationsKorner; Luck WordArt by Dora's Lemonlove Creations available at

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