Saturday, January 23, 2010

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Here's another layout which features some more pictures which I took when the year 2010 ushered in. It featured my mom & dad, bonding moments among the "tres Enriques" (my dad, my brother, and my son), my grandfather together with his great grandchildren (i.e. Zion, and my niece and nephew), my grandfather together with his grandchildren (i.e. my brother, I, my cousin and his wife); and at the center is a picture of me and my son. I must say that this new year is one of the happiest new year celebrations my family had. The kids (i.e. Zion, and my nice and nephew) were not even scared when the firecrackers started to explode. My grandfather laughed with his great grandchildren. My mom and dad were, as always, cheerful as the new year entered. My brother was quite sleepy minutes before 12MN, but we managed to "drag" him out of his bed and celebrate with us. As for me, well, I made the necessary superstitious preparations to bring in good luck for 2010 - wore red, had coins and bills in all of my pockets, and was munching on a bunch of grapes (round fruits). Hopefully, 2010 would be a lot better than 2009! Let's all hope for the best! :-)

Having some place to go is HOME; Having someone to love is FAMILY; Having both is a BLESSING.

Credits for this layout: Home Kit by Just Jessa Designs available at Kreative Kreations Korner; IOTW Extras WordArt by Tina Chambers available at Creating Keepsakes

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