Saturday, January 2, 2010

Party and Folly

Here's another layout which is sort of a Part 2 of Apple's bridal shower layout. This layout shows the 10 of us who attended the bridal shower. Well, as I've said in my recent previous layout (Apple's Shower), even though there were only 10 of us who attended Apple's bridal shower, we sure had a LLLLOOOOTTTT of fun. The food was great, the games (and the participants) were hilarious (we were able to "gang up" on our 2 teamleads who attended the shower and joined the games... tee hee!!). And of course, the party became more lively, when the Tequila was opened. Teee heee!!! :-)

Journalling: No Party is any fun without Folly.

Credits for this layout: Funky Scraps Kit by Pouyou Designs; Party On! WordArt from Tina Chambers available at Creating Keepsakes; our friend/officemate Shy for the pictures she took during the bridal shower.

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gwacie said...

Looks like a fun party sis! Now I want to push one of my friends to get married so I can attend another one of these. hehehe...